Frequently Asked MPS Questions

If you’ve got questions about our popular Managed Print Services (MPS) programs, let’s get you some answers!

Yes, RMC can help you manage your current printers and MFPs so you don’t have to buy or lease new ones. We reserve the opportunity to inspect your equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition, in which case there should be no need for you to acquire new equipment unless you deem necessary.
A simple, accurate all inclusive cost-per-page invoice with a monthly summary of usage. This has been very popular with most clients and our most common method of billing.
Very flexible! Your RMC representative can design a print management solution for a single printer through to a corporate or enterprise fleet of print devices. Our comprehensive solution supports all brands of networked printers and multifunction products—both monochrome and color.
Simplified accounting – customers receive a monthly, itemized invoice for the number and type of prints made across their print fleet. It includes everything needed to accurately review, reconcile, and forecast your office printing budget. Cumulative data helps you identify excess printing trouble spots and make appropriate adjustments.

A fixed cost-per-page – in an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner. This causes you to pay a different price for every print. Service calls are unpredictable and typically support minimum thresholds from multiple service vendors. With Managed Print Services all your variable expenses are consolidated. Customers pay a fixed cost-per-page that controls costs and reduces your overall expenditures.

Ease of use, peace of mind – staff enjoy simplified ordering and service from one vendor. With Managed Print Services there’s no need to keep an excessive inventory of supplies on hand. Your supplies will be ordered in advance of need and delivered next day to the device location. Our print monitoring software also provides you with real-time visibility of all your networked print devices and you can order supplies or service online from the Ray Morgan Company.

Service and support – RMC offers proactive maintenance, on-site service and technical support to ensure that you get dependable, professional printing results when you need it.

Customized for your needs. whether you’re looking for cost savings on acquiring new devices, reducing ongoing print costs, or re-configuring your existing print environment, RMC can provide the level of support you need to accomplish our agreed upon objectives.

Ask us to perform a print assessment. Most companies aren’t sure exactly how many print devices they have (networked or stand-alone) or specifically how much they are spending on office printing so they ask us to perform a complimentary print assessment and provide them with a fact-based report on their current state and opportunities for improvement. Your printing devices could be costing you much more than you think. Why not take advantage of today’s technology and bring the next level of efficiency, cost savings, and management to your company’s print environment? Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your print environment!


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